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Friday Bonus Session


The purpose of the SHEnergized SisStarhood Retreat is to enhance "Optimal Wellness" of women across all 7 Dimensions of Wellness. The Power of Your Presence Session is designed to help women learn to make better use of their gifts, skills, and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness, and enrichment in life. This bonus session will kick-off our 2023 retreat theme "Living Life on Purpose"!

The Power of Your Presence Experience will be facilitated by Roxy Hall in collaboration with our Breakout Session Leaders, Dr. Cie Armstead and Ms. Terry Dismore.

This session is perfect for business owners, organization leaders, educators, corporate professional, healthcare workers and any woman looking for a personal and professional development experience.

SHEnergy Founder & CEO

Professional Development Session-At-A-Glance

Facilitated By Dr. Cie Armstead

The Women of Wisdom in the Workplace (WoW-squared) Workshop will equip participants with spiritual wisdom and practical skills to navigate common challenges women encounter in the workplace. In this interactive session, women will learn how to effectively deal with real-world workplace situations that are likely caused or exacerbated by how you or others perceive your social identity.



During This Interactive Session Women Will:

  • Recognize 4 common workplace situations that can derail your career

  • Gain practical tips and tools to counter those 4 common workplace situations.

  • Strengthen your community of energized women to support you in applying these skills and sustaining your empowered perspective.

Personal Development Session-At-A-Glance

Facilitated By Terry L. Dismore

The SHEnergized T.E.A.M. session is designed to help you create a CTA – Call to action strategic plan designed for you that simultaneously meets your individual needs to become a dynamic and empowered leader. Realizing the self-nurturing and care is a priority, we will explore real issues facing women utilizing data-based analysis: 



During This Interactive Session Women Will Focus On:

  • Empowerment for the sake of all

  • The importance of Community

  • An Agent of Change

Session Hosts

When you understand "The Power of your Presence" you understand what you bring to the table when you show up.


In collaboration with Roxy Hall, Dr. Cie Armstead and Ms. Terry L. Dismore will guide you through an experience that will help you understand "The Power of Your Presence" and how to effectively use that Power to positively impact your personal and professional life.


Throughout this half-day session, women will be energized, educated, emotionally engaged and empowered to take their lives to higher levels of excellence and build mutually beneficial alliances with like-minded women of excellence. 

Dr. Cie Armstead  & Terry L. Dismore

Meet Our Session Facilitators 

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